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Incident Report

On Saturday, the eighth of November 2008, I, loss prevention specialist Craig Proctor, along with assistant center store leader Henry Mancini, was upstairs in the security office at Maceys grocery store located in Tooele, and was watching the cameras when I witnessed the following events. At approximately 3 pm on said day, I saw through the small monitor displaying camera two’s images, a teenaged white male, later identified as Christopher Poore, and a teenaged Hispanic female, later identified as Vanessa Garcia; walk into the store wearing heavy winter coats over baggy hooded sweatshirts. This immediately caught my attention as the weather that day was unusually warm for this time of year and it certainly didn’t warrant such warm apparel. The temperature outside was in the high fifties and the sun was shining through the open doors of the store causing a slight glare on the camera lens.

I watched as the teenaged couple selected a shopping cart. They chose a shopping cart with an attached infant seat. This was especially suspicious as the couple had no child with them. I watched as the couple proceeded to take off their heavy winter coats and arrange them in the cart. The female removed her cream colored wool coat and carefully placed it over the infant seat, while the male removed his black ski coat and wadded it up in the back of the shopping cart. It was at this point that I instructed Henry to keep the cameras on that couple so the newly installed digital video recorder would be sure to catch every action they took. I then left the office to watch the couple at ground level. I went to the front of the store and selected my own shopping cart intending to follow and watch them as I blended in with the other shoppers.

From this vantage point on the ground, I was able to see that male suspect was approximately 6’’2” and roughly 215 lbs. He was wearing black sweatpants with the words, “Tooele High School” silk screened on the side. His hooded sweatshirt was black and had a buffalo on the back; it also had the name “Chris” embroidered on the front, left collarbone of the sweatshirt. The female suspect appeared to be about 5’4” and was wearing jeans and a grey Brigham Young University sweatshirt.

I followed the couple as they shopped the produce department where they selected a bunch of green bananas and a large bag of black grapes. They put these in the shopping cart near the front, away from the wadded up ski coat in the back of the cart. They proceeded to the meat department where they selected a package of high end pre sliced lunch meat and an eight ounce brick of cheddar cheese. They continued to the dairy department where they selected a gallon of name brand milk. The couple seemed to be doing simple grocery shopping as each item they selected up to this point was placed in the front of the shopping cart in full view.

The male suspect then looked left, then right, then left again and urged the female suspect to push the shopping cart down aisle 10 where the cosmetics are on display. At this point I positioned myself at the back end of the aisle and pretended to examine a cut of meat in the meat department. I watched as the male suspect selected a 21 oz. bottle of Pantene Pro-V shampoo and a 21 oz. bottle of Pantene Pro-V conditioner. He quickly placed them in the rear of the shopping cart beneath the black ski coat. The female suspect selected two eye shadows from the Maybelline display, one appeared to be brown in color and the other appeared to be white in color. Once she made her selection, she placed them in the infant seat in the shopping cart underneath her wool coat. The couple continued over to aisle 11. I stayed at the end of the aisle near the meat department and shuffled over so I could view them on that aisle. I witnessed the male suspect select a large package of Trojan brand condoms in a black package and place them in the infant seat while the female selected a small box of tampons in a blue package with a yellow stripe, she placed this in the front of the basket along with the other visible grocery items, away from the black ski coat.

The suspects continued to aisle 13 and I headed towards the dairy department so I could continue my vigilance. I watched as the female suspect selected two 4 GB memory cards from the bottom shelf. She picked them up with her left hand which then disappeared, along with the memory cards, into the front pocket of her grey hooded sweatshirt before she stood up. After she stood up, her left hand came out of the pocket of her sweatshirt and it no longer contained the memory cards.

The male suspect pushed the shopping cart to the northwest corner of the store and the female suspect followed. I proceeded down aisle 14 so I could continue to watch the couple. The male suspect stopped at the magazine display. While the female suspect browsed the magazines, the male suspect wandered over to a small display of MP3 players. He looked right, then left, and then with his left hand he selected two MP3 players. At this time, his right and left hands went into his front pocket in the hooded sweatshirt, as did the MP3 players. He kept both of his hands in his front sweatshirt pocket for the time being. He rejoined the female suspect who selected a magazine and placed it along with the other groceries in the front of the basket.

The couple proceeded to the checkout lane with the female pushing the shopping cart, and the male suspect keeping his hands hidden in his pocket with his merchandise. I then abandoned my half filled shopping cart and proceeded to the entrance of the store where I could watch them check out and remain unnoticed. The female placed the magazine, tampons, bananas, grapes, meat, cheese, and milk on the conveyer belt at check stand four while the male kept his hands in his pocket the entire time. They left both of their coats in place in the shopping cart as well as all of the items that were hidden underneath the coats. The female never put her memory cards on the belt. The female cashier rang up their items and presented them with a total of $24.71. The female pulled out a one hundred dollar bill from her rear right pocket and presented it to the cashier. The cashier counted back the change and the couple proceeded to the front exit of the store. They passed all other check stands, including the service desk when I approached them.

I asked, “Is there was anything else they wanted to pay for before they left the store”? The male suspect looked at the female suspect and then back to me and said no. I then said, “I would like to talk to you about some merchandise you selected, will you come upstairs with me?” They agreed to follow me upstairs. We went up the stairs to the interview office where Henry and grocery stocker Liz King met me. I asked them to place all unpaid for merchandise on the counter, they refused.

At this point I called the police. Twenty minutes later we were joined by Officer Rick Peterson. Officer Peterson proceeded to talk with the suspects and was able to get them to confess to each item taken. Christopher Poore and Vanessa Garcia have been trespassed from the store.

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